New Map Features

Updated March, 2013

  • Beta has been retired.
  • 19 Search Categories added, including Dining, Shopping, and Museums.
  • Expanded search engine to include over 700+ new locations with supporting photos and descriptions.
  • 12 new Graphical Layers added, including Auditoriums, Clinics, Bicycling.
  • Legends are now shown in the layers Popup for each graphical layer.
  • More informative location popup that incudes nearest parking, related locations, etc.
  • New menu option "Links" listing related sites.
  • Facebook and Twitter Social Sites replacing our email listserv for announcements.
  • Aerial Imagery now extends to the whole world, not just the local Campus.
  • Map now includes locations outside of the Campus. Including Santa Monica Hospital, Remote UCLA Clinics, Arrowhead, etc.
  • Map is now compatible with the latest version of Chrome version 17.
  • Some old hotlinks will no longer work as the supporting data has changed significantly. Please update these links by using the "Create Link" Tool.
  • Added Circle and Elliptical drawing tools for Annotations.
  • Individual annotations can now be removed by right clicking the graphic